The Eurovision Weekend

Inspired by the Eurovision Cruise, Eurovision Weekend was held for the first time in Berlin in July 2012. Over the years, the weekend has developed and grown.

The past few years:

2016: winner Malta, co-host in 2017

2017: winner Israel, co-host again in 2018 (after 2013)

2018: winner Malta again, instead of co-hosting again in 2019 => rule change to host the event in the winning fan club's country

2019: winner EC Germany, host in 2020-2021

2020: Tribute night

2021: winner OGAE Finland, host in 2022

And now, 10th edition of the Eurovision Weekend, 10 years after the first Eurovision Weekend co-hosted by OGAE Finland in Berlin, it's OGAE Finland's turn to host the Eurovision Weekend in Finland.

The FANVision will be held on Friday 26th of August in the Nightclub Hercules.

The Party PLAN B will be on Saturday 27th of August.

And the afterparty will be in the Nightclub Hercules on Sunday evening/night.



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Impressions 2021:

YouTube-videon näyttäminen ei onnistunut. Tarkista markkinointievästeiden hyväksyminen ja selaimen yksityisyysasetukset.

See you in Finland 2022!

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