Hengaillaan - 40 years birthday party 

Euroviisuklubi OGAE Finland is turning 40 years! 

Organisation Générale des Amateurs d’Eurovision or OGAE was established in Savonlinna in 1984 by Jari-Pekka Koikkalainen. During that same year, Kirka represented Finland at the Eurovisions with the song Hengaillaan.

Moreover, Finland was the location from where the OGAE International started and now the OGAE family’s network has grown into 44 different countries.

Ever since, the family of Eurovision fans has hung out closely together. 

You are welcomed to celebrate hanging out together for 40 years. 

Location: Sokos Hotel President, Pressa Forum 

Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 4, Helsinki  

Time: Saturday 26.10. at 18:00-04:00 

Entrance free: 55 euros 

Please do note that you are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the location. 

Furthermore, this event replaces the pre-Christmas party of 2024. 




- The event includes a buffet dinner 

- Hengaillaan drinks can be purchased either with or without alcohol 



18:00 The doors open 

18:45 Chairman's speech and toast 

19:00 – 21:00 Dinner 

22:00 SHOW: Laura Voutilainen & Jukka Kuronen 

03:30 Disco by DJ Werneri 

3:30 Last call/end of the party 




Choose the best offer: 

1. Advance booking benefit: https://www.sokoshotels.fi/en/co-op-members-benefits 

2. Discount code: 5% of today's price 

The price includes a breakfast buffet, wifi, sauna area and VAT. S-Bonus is granted on the final sum, but no separate owner-customer benefit. 

The number of discounted rooms is limited 

Booking code: CELEBRATION 

3. For latest promotional offers and the owner customer's offers see: https://www.sokoshotels.fi/en/co-op-members-benefits 



The Hengaillaan 40th Anniversary Gala is first and foremost for the members of Euroviisuklubi OGAE Finland.

Remember to register no later than Monday 23 September at 23:59. While registering, you will receive payment instructions and after payment, the reservation is confirmed. 

 - The venue can accommodate 140 people and non-members can be accommodated if a club member cancels their reserved place, meaning after Tuesday 24.9. 

- If you have registered for the party but cannot attend - please let us know by sending an email to: informaatio.euroviisuklubi@gmail.com. Your seat is given to the next person in the queue. Moreover, do note that you cannot give or sell your place to another club member independently. 

- the cancellation must be notified to the club. 

- Any support persons must be notified in advance so that we can reserve a place for them. 



Are you a member of Euroviisuklubi OGAE Finland:
Are you over 18? People under the age 18 are welcome to the 40th anniversary gala as long as they bring their guardian's written permission.


Remember to pay the participation fee 55 euros no later than 23.9 to the account: FI75 4108 0010 3363 22. Make sure to write in the message field "Hengaillaan" and all the party participants for whom you are paying. 



We collect "hanging out" (Hengaillaan)- situational pictures of the Euroviisuklubi members over the years! 

If you have a special "hanging out" photo that you would like to present, send it to us! 

Briefly describe what is happening in the "hanging out situation", for example: who is in the picture / where you are / what kind of situation or event it is. 

The pictures and descriptions will be presented in a room where you can watch them during the evening. After the event, the pictures with their descriptions will also be published on the club's website on the members' pages, so take this into account as well. 

P.s. Remember to ask the permission of the people in the picture before sending them to us.