Dear Eurovision fans,

We are delighted to announce that the Eurovision Cruise 2020 will be organized in August 2020 according to our original plans.

We will do everything to make sure that this event will be unforgettable togerher with you and the Artists.

Please do acknowledge that we will continously monitor the situation with COVID-19 and keep you informed about changes. Currently we believe this Cruise to happen.

Peace and love and see you all guys soon!


For Media:
More information --> cruise.euroviisuklubi@gmail.com

Our partyboat SILJA EUROPA departs from Helsinki at 6.30 PM and arrives in Tallinn at 10 PM. The departure the following day will be at 12:30 PM from Tallinn and the arrival back to Helsinki at 4.00PM.

How to book your cruise?:
Go to www.tallinksilja.com

1) Book a cruise (Departure date 29th of August, the amount of passengers and choose From Helsinki To Tallinn).
3) Choose: 22h -cruise (choose your cabin category and how many cabins you want) for example A class and 1cabin. (here you will see the normal price)
4) add promotion code EUROVISION --> "I have a promotional code"
6) Add your personal details and pay the trip



We have faboulous artists!

We are delighted to announce the first artist of the Eurovision cruise 2020, the one and only, and very enchanting Erika Vikman!

We are pleased to announce that Saara Aalto will arrive and shed a light on us during the Eurovision Cruise 2020!

This brave nightingale is known for her magnificent voice and performances, and therefore we cannot wait until August! 

We are pleased to announce the final performer for Saturday night! A singer with an incredible voice, Catharina Zühlke will be offering us her strong vocal skills and an amazing atmosphere. 

Get powerful while listening to Perfect Villain, and get emotional while listening to Eternity! This performance will not let you down.

This Cruise belongs to the Queens! Welcome to sparkle with us.

On Sunday, Kaisa Pylkkänen will glare us with her Eurovision inspired stand up -show. And yes, you are allowed to chuckle!

Let´s decorate!

The Royals are always ready to decorate themselves.

Now you have the opportunity to crown yourself with a flower wreath! The Cicciolina-inspired flower wreath can be purchased from the Hey Look online store. You will receive the flower wreath with your name, and can find your own flower wreath from the ferry terminal, from Hey Look’s table before the cruise. Remember to use the code "EUROVIISURISTEILY" when purchasing.

The Royals additionally always sparkle! Now, as usual, you have the opportunity to glitter with others, as Makeup Studio ElinaK's Glitter BAR decorates you with glitter and diamonds in the ship's nightclub.

Glitter makeup or a skin diamond costs  € 10, and you can get both for € 15. When displaying Cardskipper, you will get a decal tattoo free of charge.

Please note that cash payment can be used only, and please reserve even change if possible.

Ps. The makeup artists pay special attention to hygiene and use respiratory masks.

Glitter and be ready to flourish, you are worth it!

Welcome to the Queen's Night!


Eurovision Cruise 2020 official Preparty is in Hercules at Friday 28th of September. 

Liveshow will be hilarious Euron Viisut by Divet &vJukka K.

Doors 10 PM
Showtime at midnight
Entrance Fee 15 € / with OGAE Cardskipper 12 € (Cloakroom included)