Baku Blog - Mixing & Mingling in Baku Tulosta
Kirjoittanut Ross   
26.05.2012 13:05

The ESC is big in Baku - during both Semifinals throngs of people with Azerbaijani flags made their way to the Eurovillage and different locations in the city to watch the live broadcast either on the Eurovillage big screen or on the screens set up in various restaurants.


So big is the fascination with the ESC that any foreign-looking person carrying a flag or dressed like their favourite contestant is liable to be stopped by local folks who would want to be photographed together. Last Thursday it took almost 20 minutes for a group of Sweden supporters dressed in flags and Viking horns to make the 300 metres from the security checkpoint to the Crystal Hall.


Local folks also seem concerned that visitors have a nice stay in Baku. English is not a common language here but that does not stop people from trying to be helpful when asked for assistance.


It is touching when some local folks shyly ask for our opinion about Baku, Azerbaijan, local food, etc., and to see the pride and pleasure when a positive answer is given.


At the shuttle bus station, there is an info kiosk which used to have a sign in Azerbaijani and a translation in English, "Data Desk". I was asked a few days ago if "Data" is the proper word, and I replied that "Information" would be more appropriate. The sign was changed..