Dusseldorf Blog: Dress Rehearsal Impression Tulosta
Kirjoittanut Ross Kamarul-Baharin   
12.05.2011 14:00

So in the end I did go to the Semifinal 2 First Dress Rehearsal. I guess rehearsals are necessary for Europe's biggest TV show, since there were a number of glitches and setbacks which had to be smoothed out. Ukraine's Mika Newton for example was stopped in mid-song and had to wait several minutes before she could continue.


A number of good performances at the rehearsal, with some surprises when some songs were rearranged to be slightly different from the preview videos. There were also very interesting displays on the LCD accompanying several performances, and of course many contestants had come up with great dance routines on stage.


I'm not going to spil the surprise, but I can mention that one song which could turn out to be interesting tonight is "I Love Belarus".


Reemember to tune in to Semifinal 2 live on YLE2 at 22:00 tonight!