Dusseldorf Blog: Semifinal 2 First Dress Rehearsal Tulosta
Kirjoittanut Ross Kamarul-Baharin   
11.05.2011 13:37

The First Dress Rehearsal for Semifinal 2 begins in 1,5 hours. To go or not to go? Seeing Semifinal 1 for the first time last night was really exciting, but then where Eurovision is concerned one cannot have too much of a good thing, so going to all rehearsals and then the actual live event also could be double the fun.. I'll decide later.


Some here feel that the best songs were in Semifinal 1, and Semifinal 2 is just less interesting. Oh well, to each his own opinion..


Tonight is the Russian delegation party at the Euroclub, starting at 22:00. Alexey Vorobyov was asked at the Qualifiers Press Conference last night, if it was risky organising the Russian party after Semifinal 1 just in case Russia did not qualify; Alexey admitted that when the Russia's name was not called and there were only to chances to qualify left, he was quite nervous. Well Russia is in the Final now, so I'll tell later how the party is with pics :-)