Dusseldorf Blog: Where's the Party At? Tulosta
Kirjoittanut Ross Kamarul-Baharin   
09.05.2011 13:46

Yesterday evening San Marino had a party in the Euroclub, where the San Marinese Tourist Board offered some local delicacies and their entrant Senit had invited several guest performers.

Later the Greek and Cypriot delegation held their party at a bar on Konigsallee, the main shopping street of Dusseldorf.

Of course, having committed death by falafel the night before I was not in good shape to attend either party, so I hope Jouni (that's the Euroviisuklubi president, if you remember..) will upload some photos and gossips.

Tonight is the Israeli and German party, and on Wednesday is the Russian party. Lot's of stuff going on in Dusseldorf, more news later!