Düsseldorf Blog: Dusseldorf is HOT! Tulosta
Kirjoittanut Ross Kamarul-Baharin   
07.05.2011 15:22

And it's not just the weather, which in the day is around 26 degrees. It's the Eurovision atmosphere in the Euroclub, which is physically (where's the air-conditioning?) and musically hot.

One problem though..unlike Belgrade, Moscow or even Oslo where fans can enter with the OGAE ID card, here you would need an accreditation pass. The accreditation process was also quite restricted compared to previous host cities, and few were able to get them. So those without accreditation will have to go to the Euroclub in the morning and get a pass valid for the evening (and the number of passes are also limited). Well..

Still, I managed to get into the Euroclub last night with the OGAE ID card since it was the OGAE Party. Arriving around 00:45 (got lost again..) I managed to catch Slovenia and Croatia performing on stage, and in beween performances Eurovision hits past & present saw the fans jumping and simply having fun.

Unlike Moscow the beer was not free but at around 3,50 euros per bottle nobody's complaining. It seems that Germany has not heard of the no-smoking rule, so puff away in the Euroclub if you please.

So welcome to ESC 2011, and as Daria Kinzer of Croatia tells us, "Celebrate, with every single step you take"!