Düsseldorf Blog: Hallo Düsseldorf! Tulosta
Kirjoittanut Ross Kamarul-Baharin   
07.05.2011 15:10

Terve Helsinki!

So another ESC year, and this time we are in Düsseldorf. I arrived with a group of people from our Euroviisuklubi (Jouni and Gang, actually..) and after finding my accommodation it was time to check-out the city.

Getting lost and walking a couple of kilometers with luggage showed me some parts of the city near the Hauptbahnhof (päärautatieasema). Quite a multicultural area, and if you like fusion food then the range of of ethnic restaurants available means you'll never go hungry. Prices are great compared to Helsinki, and talking to some Finnish fans it seems that you will never be thirsty here either, so booze up and be merry!

Public transport is good, and for those who will arrive soon simply take the S-bahn (that means "lähijuna) S11 to the Hauptbahnhof. If you want to go to the Euroclub from the Hauptbahnhof which is in the Altstadt ("vanha kaupunki") take the U-bahn U70, U74, U75, U76, U77, U78 & U79 to the stop "Henrich-Heine-Allee". To get to the Esprit Arena for the show from the Hauptbahnhof just take U78 to the stop "Esprit Arena".

Single tickets are 2,30 euros for Zone A (which includes the airport), but if you are staying a few days better to buy a day ticket. Use the ticket machines at S-bahn or U-bahn stations.

That's it for now, will tell more later!