Copenhagen Blog: Jury Semifinal 1
Kirjoittanut Ross Kamarul-Baharin   
06.05.2014 14:40

If yesterday evening's Jury Semifinal 1 is any indication, then the live broadcast tonight promises to be an exciting show.


The abandoned post-industrial B&W Hallerne (see photo) is transformed on the inside into a high-tech arena, making each song performance simply spectacular.


Each competing country has been asked to create the intro postcard for their song and indeed they have complied - look out for these imaginative presentations when you tune in for the show tonight.


Also seen arriving at the Eurovision 2014 venue was Verka Serduchka (Ukrainian contestant at the Helsinki Eurovision 2007) - with his beloved mama as is usual. He is also part of tonight's show.


Tonight television viewers from Semifinal 1 participating countries will cast their votes to add to the jury votes from yesterday evening, which will decide who will be the 10 qualifiers to the Grand Final on Saturday. The media at the press centre here has made their prediction (see photo) - what are yours?


Tune in to Semifinal 1 on YLE2 tonight at 22:00 Finnish time.






Copenhagen Blog: Transport Rumba
Kirjoittanut Ross Kamarul-Baharin   
06.05.2014 14:17

That the Danes are big on health & fitness is truly admirable..That the Danes want YOU to also be big on health and fitness? - meh..maybe not so much.


But that's how it is at the Copenhagen Eurovision - many will leave here being fitter than when they arrived. Why? Because there is no escaping the transport rumba..


Since arriving last week the official #JoinUs map recommends the Eurovision harbour bus from Nyhavn to Eurovision Island..this is quite good, except when there is no harbour bus running at all..


So then you rush to catch the metro from Kongens Nytorv sttaion to Christianshavn station and change to bus 9A, which then drops you off at one end of Eurovision Island and you must afterwards walk more than 1km in the cold winds (and sometimes rain) to B&W Hallerne (the Eurovision Venue).


Or if you have fan accreditation you can try to catch the official shuttle buses from designated hotels in Copenhagen centre, but with the narrow roads to Eurovision Island the journey can take around 1 hour during peak periods.


So then there is the rental bicycle..except that during the dress rehearsals and actual live shows the security and police make you leave your bike at the same place where bus 9A stops..and you must afterwards walk more than 1km in the cold winds (and sometimes rain) to B&W Hallerne (the Eurovision Venue).


But let's look on the bright side of things:


- the Danish local volunteers, security and police may not always know the answers (such as "why is the harbour bus not running"..) but they do so smilingly and helpfully..


- it's not always cold, windy or rainy - there are sunny days too..


- and..let's not complain because after all it's EUROVISION 2014: #JoinUs



Copenhagen Blog: Happenings
Kirjoittanut Ross Kamarul-Baharin   
05.05.2014 12:43

Yesterday's Red Carpet Opening Ceremony took place in bright, warm spring sunshine balanced by a cold wind from somewhere (some locals blame Sweden..). Hair-dos however remained unruffled by the wind and many contestants had beautifully done hairstyles. Conchita Wurst (Austria), being Conchita Wurst, responded to a comment about doing her beautiful hair with "I don't know because I'm not there when they're doing my hair".


If you missed the live coverage of the ceremony you can watch it here: http://www.eurovision.tv/page/webtv?program=105153


Tomorrow the the Icelandic fan club OGAE Iceland will be leading a zumba session at the Eurovision Village - #JoinUs and more info from here: http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/copenhagen/zumba-gdk888977


Tonight the 10 qualifiers from Semifinal 1 will be partly decided - at 21:00 Copenhagen time the jury of each participating country will vote at the second dress rehearsal, giving 50% of the total votes for Semifinal 1. We will see the show live tomorrow at 22:00 Finnish time on YLE2, when televoters will cast the remaining 50% of the total votes, and the 10 qualifiers to the Grand Final will be confirmed by midnight tomorrow.


Excitement is rising..


# JoinUs - Euroviisufanin matkassa Kööpenhaminassa.
Kirjoittanut Jouni Pihkakorpi   
04.05.2014 16:54
Toisena päivänä kaupunki on tullut jo tutuksi ja faneja on saapunut enemmän ja enemmän Köpikseen. Suomalaisia fanejakin on paikalla jo paljon. Lauantaina näin myös areenan ensimmäistä kertaa ja myös Softenginen harjoitukset.
Areenalle menoon kannattaa tosiaan varata aikaa ja erityisesti semifinaalien ja finlaalin aikaan areenalle menevä tie tulee tukkeutumaan. Areena näyttää ulospäin tosiaan teollisuusalueella olevalta vanhalta hangaarilta. Mutta sisälle on onnistuttu tekemään loistava areena. Fanien paikat näyttävät olevan hyvät. Istumapaikat sijaitsevat molemmin puolin lavaa ja seisomapaikat ovat aivan esiintymislavan edessä. Kamerat jäävät fanien taakse, eli näkyvyys pitäisi olla hyvä.
Softenginen lauantaiset harjoitukset menivät hyvin. Bändi on todella rock ja osaa asiansa. Lava on hieno ja Softenginen esityksessä valot tekevät todellakin rock -konsertin tunnelmaa. Hyvillä mielillä voidaan kannustaa ja toivoa että Eurooppa laulaa meidän tahdissa Something Better.
Lauantai-iltana oli EuroClubilla Nordic party missä nähtiin lukuisia artisteja ja tietysti kaikki pohjoismaat. Sanna Nielsen hurmasi fanit ja Softenginekään ei jättänyt ketään kylmäksi.
YLE:n delegaation edustaja oli ehkä unohtanut suomalaiset fanit jakaessaan lippuja tilaisuuteen ja vain muutama fani oli saanut kutsun juhliin. Onneksi muiden maiden delegaatiot auttoivat ja olivat avuliata jakaessaan kutsuja Nordic Partyyn.
Klo 23 jälkeen kaikilla oli mahdollista päästä EuroClubille joko akkreditoituna tai sitten näyttämällä OGAE ID korttia jolla sai sisäänpääsylipun joka oikeutti kahteen juomaan. Pohjoismaiset fanit sulkivat EuroClubin klo 04 ja lähtivät tyytyväisenä hotelleihinsa odottamaan seuraavaa päivää.
Copenhagen Blog: Euroclub on 3 May
Kirjoittanut Ross Kamarul-Baharin   
04.05.2014 11:27

The Euroclub opened its Store VEGA hall for the first time last night and several Eurovision contestants took to the stage, many singing a few songs each including their own Eurovision entry for this year.


Sanne Nielsen (Sweden) admitted, "I have been longing for this moment..7 songs in the Swedish Melodifestivalen..and now I am finally here!". That was a 7-year wait for the singer who performed several of her previous Swedish national competition entries which many of the fans recognised and obviously enjoyed. Overheard was a fan saying, "She's another Valentina Monetta.." (the San Marino contestant who is now participating for the third year in a row).


Tijana Dapcevic (Macedonia) was accompanied on stage by her sister Tamara (now a blonde), who represented Macedonia at Eurovision 2008 in Belgrade. Referring to the audience as "Dahlings..", Tijana relayed a greeting from her friend Marija Serifovic (Eurovision Winner 2007) and then went on with her rendition of her popular Eurovision entry "To the Sky". Maybe I missed something standing in the back but it looked like the energetic Tijana removed her bra, swung it over her head and then winged it somewhere..Well, it IS Eurovision after all!


The recent and tragic loss of life in Odessa (Ukraine) darkens the atmosphere for some contestants from neighbouring countries, with Cristina Scarlat (Moldova) expressing concern about the ongoing situation and asking the audience to join her in hoping for peace. Moldova's powerful entry was accompanied by lithe acrobatic dancers which one fan commented on as being "eye candy".


The beautiful Kasey Smith and the glamourous Cann-Linn team perfromed the catchy Irish entry "Heartbeat", after which Finland's Softengine took to the stage with their popular rock song "Something Better" followed by their new single "Yellow House" to be released after the Eurovision Song Contest is over.


Before their performance the young singers of Softengine (the youngest is 17 years old) were seen at the bar buying drinks and mingling with fans, prompting one Finnish fan to wonder if it was legal to sell alcohol to them and another fan to reply that in Denmark the legal drinking age is 16, and yet another fan adding that hopefully they have a tough manager who will make sure they go to bed on time.


So go get your entry wristbands for the Euroclub if you don't have one yet and #JoinUs !


From the Euroclub:



# JoinUs - Euroviisufanin matkassa Kööpenhaminassa.
Kirjoittanut Jouni Pihkakorpi   
03.05.2014 18:18

Se päivä on vuoden odottamisen jälkeen koittanut, olen saapunut Kööpenhaminaan ja Euroviisuviikko edessä. Faneja ja toimittajia on saapunut jo paljon seuraamaan tämän vuoden Euroviisuja.
Jos saavut lentäen Tanskaan on juna lentokentältä päärautatieasemalle ehdottomasti kätevin vaihtoehto. Lippuja voit ostaa lentoasemalta ja esim saapuvien matkatavaroiden luona on automaatteja ja vähemmän jonoja kuin junalaiturin lähellä. Juna on kohtuuhintainen ja kätevä.
Päärautatieaseman vieressä on Tivoli ja sen takaa alkaa myös Eurovision Fan Mile. jonka varrella löytyy Eurovision Village, EuroFan Cafeja paljon Euroviisutunnelmaa. Hotellistasi tai Euroviisuoppailta voit kysyä myös #Join Us in Copenhagen lehteä missä kerrotaan kattavasti mitä kaupungissa tapahtuu.
Ensimmäisenä päivänä kävimme myös ostamassa lipun EuroClubille ja EuroFan Cafeeseen. Molempiinhan on mahdollista ostaa lippu OGAE ID korttia näyttämällä. Clubille varmistuu sisäänpääsy ja Cafeeseen saat alennusta. EuroClubi kokosi tuttuun tapaan paljon faneja ympäri Eurooppaa ja myös Euroviisuklubilaisia oli paljon paikalla.
Kööpenhaminan liikenne on haasteellinen ja paras tapa liikkua paikasta toiseen on polkupyörä. Areenalle pääsee joko vesibussilla tai normaalilla bussilla.. Areena sijaitsee vähän keskustan ulkopuolella ja aikaa liikkumiseen kannatta varata paljon. Taksi keskustasta areenalle maksaa 200 - 250 DKK. Ensimmäinen päivä Köpiksessä on takana ja kaupunki on valmis vastaanottamaan kaikki fanit. Tervetuloa #JoinUs
Copenhagen Blog: The Euroclub and Euro Fan Cafe
Kirjoittanut Ross Kamarul-Baharin   
03.05.2014 13:53

The Euroclub is the official night club arranged by the host national broadcaster during the Eurovision Song Contest, and in Copenhagen the venue is at VEGA, a locale which showcases Scandinavian functionalist architecture and decor. This is where the competing countries promote their entries through parties and performances in addition to other Euroclub events. Fans may buy entry wristbands to the Euroclub, more info from this link: http://euroclub.vega.dk/


Peter Bach, one of the Project Managers at the Euroclub showed the President of the international fan club (OGAE International) and her posse some sections of the Euroclub which fans usually do not see - the Backstage Room where artistes stay in-between performances and the Photoshoot Room which is not yet open for the public.


Many fans start a night out during Eurovision at the Euro Fan Cafe, which is organised by the host country's national fan club together with OGAE International. This year the Euro Fan Club is at Huset-KBH where there are multiple events daily, for example the karaoke session last night where the President of OGAE International was caught singing!


Fans may buy entry wristbands for the Euro Fan Cafe, more info from here: http://www.huset-kbh.dk/euro-fan-cafe/


Some photo shots from both venues:





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